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Centre issues SOP For Partial Re Opening of Schools for STD 9 to 12 from 21 Sept - 2020.

 Centre Issues SOP For Partial Re - Opening of Schools for STD 9 to 12 From 21 Sept - 2020.


Assemblies ,Sports and Events, which can lead to over Crowding, are Strictly Prohibited in the schools That Are Opting to Start Operations. Students teachers and Employees living in Containment Zones will not be Allowed to Attend the School.

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New Delhi ;- iN The Backdropof Ongoing Unlock - 4 Partial esumption of Activities in SchoolsforStudents of classes 9 to 12 will be Allowed from 21 September - 2020 The Union Health Mnistry on tuesday . Guidelines have also Been issued for School Operations Amidst Covid - 19 Pandemic.

However , Only Schools Outside The Containment Zones will be Allowe to open, Assemblies Sports and events, which can lead to overcrowding are strictly Prohibited in the Schools That are Opting to start Operations. The government Also said that Online or Distance Learning shall Continue to be Permitted and shall be Encouraged.

Only Asymptomatic People will be Allowed in the Schoolpermises as per the Guidelines.If a Teacher / Employee / Student is Found to be Symptomatic, He / she  should be Referred to Nearest Health centre the SOPs State.

About Four of Them Hane Already come Forward, The Other arein Talks with he Russian Counterparts and the governemnt isfacilititating That Process of creating a connect, There may be Specific Outcomes ery soon in that regard.India can manufcture That vaccine in Large and significant quantities on the Regulatory Front .India Scientists have looked at the Data There would be a need for phase 3 Trials in Normal course of things 


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