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DATE :- 31-08-2019 ni Sthiti e STD 6 to 8 Subject wise Khali Jagya o Ni Vigato.

Date :- 31-08-2019 NI Sthiti e STD 6 to 8 Subject Wise Khali Jagya o Ni Vigato.

Std 3 to 8 second week learning planning

 Buy and view Office 365 service details and keep a track of the amount and days left for service expiration
 Buy start-up IT kit plans:- Beginner, Advanced and Pro.a
 View and manage your WordPress hosting service with ZNetLive.
 Track your order through the order number provided.
 Cancel order if you do not want to make payment for the service.
 View the billing related information including the date on which any service was availed, its due date, billing cycle followed by first payment amount and recurring amount.
 Perform functions related to renewals like on/off to enable or disable renewal notifications and reminders.
 The upgrade center lets you add upgrade quantity or Addon for any service.
 Get a complete view of your profile and get notifications related to your raised tickets.
 Best domain hosting - view Domains related information, domain name, expiration date, amount and renew button.
 Functionality to update Name Servers.
 You can view details related to Invoice and Orders. You can download invoice in pdf and check the order status – pending, Invalid, in progress, complete and cancelled.
 Razorpay Payment Gateway support.
 Single Dashboard support, allows you to easily move between the four sections Support, Service, Domain and Billing.
 Get notification when a new version is available to download.

DiskDigger photo recovery
Recover lost and deleted photos from your phone at the tap of a button.

Have you accidentally deleted a photo? Feeling miserable that you lost all your travel photos? You no longer have to feel terrible or upset. DiskDigger will help you dig them all out. This wonderful app helps you undelete and recover lost photos and images from your memory card or internal memory. The best part? It requires no rooting too.

Using a powerful data recovery technology, you can recover and restore deleted photos or even images you lost while reformatting your memory card..

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